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Dorene and John McCune's Bailey is helping to get everyone in the mood for tomorrow's presidential inauguration!

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Michael Bernards and Deanna Wadden's Freddie, who enjoyed lying in the snow all day if allowed! March 23, 2011 - Jan 16, 2021

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Mary-Ann Bowman's Halo had some fun demonstrating what can only be called snow head!

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Talking about joie de vivre, Mary-Ann Bowman's Asia did an excellent job of demonstrating!

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Sharon Blaszak and her girl Burton were another terrific team. This photo was from a nosework trial, her passion. Jan 31, 2013 - Jan 12, 2021.

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Wendy Djang's Favor is showing off his gleeful style in romping through the snow!

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Elizabeth Fletcher's Keeper, and Wendy Djang's Favor and Brew are all enjoying the fruits of the snow plowing efforts!

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Favor's B-G Dog ID
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Wendy Djang's Brew, Churchill, and Favor are working to clear a trail, but how did the photographer get out front!

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Jennifer Zaayer's Karsten paused just long enough for this beautiful photo!

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Antonio and Mariangela's Grutzi seems quite content to stay just precisely where he is!

Grutzi's B-G Dog ID
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Sharon Blaszak's Sawyer, deeply loved, desperately missed. This photo was from a nosework trial, his passion. July 10, 2012 - Jan 7, 2021.

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Jennifer Helzberg's Juno looks like she's posing for her Hollywood glamour shot, and it's a fabulous photo!

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Larry Miller's Trekker looks like the king of all he surveys in the mountain trails of Oregon!

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Jennifer Zaayer's Karsten and Rohloff pause for a postcard perfect photo in this winter wonderland!

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Rohloff's B-G Dog ID
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Debby Fitch's Stevie may have had a mind of her own, but she loved Debbie as much as Debbie loved her. April 25, 2012 - Dec 19, 2020

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Diane and Dennis Vanpelt may think Guinness is their puppy, but rumor has it that their other Berner Boomer has taken over guardianship!

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Jill Raymond's Papp looks like a statue sitting so still on a beautifully silent night!

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Dorene and John McCune's Brie and her niece Rose reflect on the common mother and grandmother!

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Barb LeTourneau's Zoomi, Zsa Zsa, Zeja, and Zanna are looking forward to having a fun time in the New Year!

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Zanna's B-G Dog ID
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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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