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A showcase of Berner people who happen to be fantastic photographers!

Lisa Kaufman tried her skills against some owls, and got some beautiful photos! I love the lighting and colors!


A showcase of Berner people who happen to be fantastic photographers!

Lisa Kaufman had better love taking photos of Berner puppies, because she does it so well! What is this puppy contemplating?


A showcase of Berner people who happen to be fantastic photographers!

Lisa Kaufman took this hauntingly beautiful photo on the beach in Costa Rica. I can almost hear the waves, and smell the salt water!


They aren't in bloom any longer, but Brandi Szczesny's Toby knew he looked just as beautiful as the field of daffodils!

Toby's B-G Dog ID
Toby's B-G Pedigree


Dorene and John McCune's Brie likes to use the fig tree to not only keep cool, but I'll bet she likes to scratch her back with it as well!

Brie's B-G Dog ID
Brie's B-G Pedigree


Antonio and Mariangela Indrizzi's Gruetzi is examining the baby bird that adopted the family and is demanding food!

Gruetzi's B-G Dog ID
Gruetzi's B-G Pedigree


Larry Miller's Trekker seems a bit confused about the little piggies being pointed out on his paw!

Trekker's B-G Dog ID
Trekker's B-G Pedigree


Tracie Franks' Kit Kat and Olivia enjoyed a nice cool hike on the Tanawah Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Kit Kat's B-G Dog ID
Kit Kat's B-G Pedigree
Olivia's B-G Dog ID
Olivia's B-G Pedigree


Kim Spooner's ZyZy and Lisa Baldwin's Giggs seem more interested in the snowflakes than in whatever might be behind them!

ZyZy's B-G Dog ID
ZyZy's B-G Pedigree
Giggs' B-G Dog ID
Giggs' B-G Pedigree


Jim Dilda's Sadie has found the perfect shady spot from which to supervise whatever project Jim has underway!

Sadie's B-G Dog ID
Sadie's B-G Pedigree


Lori Simidian's Ruthie, with Lori Friedli's Alpi and Lumi, and Amy Wylan's Georgia and Kassie enjoying a day at the shore!

Ruthie's B-G Dog ID
Ruthie's B-G Pedigree
Alpi's B-G Dog ID
Alpi's B-G Pedigree
Lumi's B-G Dog ID
Lumi's B-G Pedigree
Kassie's B-G Dog ID
Kassie's B-G Pedigree


Barbie Beck-Wilczek's Balsam is reunited with her mother Ripley, and her grandmother Kessie. Nov 5, 2010 - June 7, 2021

Kessie's B-G Dog ID
Kessie's B-G Pedigree
Ripley's B-G Dog ID
Ripley's B-G Pedigree
Balsam's B-G Dog ID
Balsam's B-G Pedigree


Adrienne and Fred Hammond's Murphy knows how to look just cute enough that the OFF command won't be issued!

Murphy's B-G Dog ID


Kathy Carey's Jackie may be into her double digits, but she still very much the beauty queen!

Jackie's B-G Dog ID
Jackie's B-G Pedigree


Gail Miller took this portrait of Loggins a few months ago, but she did a great job of capturing her beautiful boy - as always!

Loggins' B-G Dog ID
Loggins' B-G Pedigree


Karen Harrison's Diesel and Tonka look as though they are groaking with two people eating, I'm sure this isn't just a beautiful photo, there's a teamwork story here!

Diesel's B-G Dog ID
Diesel's B-G Pedigree
Tonka's B-G Dog ID
Tonka's B-G Pedigree


Deb Saks' Mozzie loves nachos enough to pick out the cheese from around the jalapenos, or at least he's willing to try!

Mozzie's B-G Dog ID
Mozzie's B-G Pedigree


Brenda Pinos' Ella is a mighty fine groaker, but she drools enough that Brenda repurposed old hand towels - smart!

Ella's B-G Dog ID
Ella's B-G Pedigree


Laurie Montoya's Moose was excellent at groaking, the paws were a particularly nice touch!

Moose's B-G Dog ID
Moose's B-G Pedigree


Pam Swearingen's Wesley hasn't learned the first rule - don't fall asleep while groaking and waste all that cuteness!

Wesley's B-G Dog ID
Wesley's B-G Pedigree


Larry Miller is showing obvious weakness in fending off the pleading looks of Trekker and Sassy!

Trekker's B-G Dog ID
Trekker's B-G Pedigree
Sassy's B-G Dog ID
Sassy's B-G Pedigree


Diane Vanpelt's Boomer employs the masterfull technique of the sadly pleading groak in this example!

Boomer's B-G Dog ID
Boomer's B-G Pedigree

Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

Hudson's B-G Dog ID
Hudson's B-G Pedigree
Zurich's B-G Dog ID
Zurich's B-G Pedigree