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But does he have a license?!
Jack and Maria Crifasi's Fauci wants to head out on the highway, looking for adventure, in whatever comes his way!

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Comfort rules!
Melissa Olson's Sugar knows how to relax in comfort, and isn't planning on getting off that couch if I read that face correctly!

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Great activity for summer!
Liz Bradbury's Goddog Indy had a grand time sightseeing in Scotland, this is the boat lift at Falkirk!

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It's important to be comfortable for a good nap!
Jill Raymond's Nellie Belle prefers to chase any squirrels in her dreams, as long as there is no pea under those pillows!

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Another fun memory!
Larry Miller's Trekker had many favorite activities, chasing squirrels was just one of those!

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Just thinking about summer activities makes him tired!
Cyndy Fettig's Orion knows how to take his summer napping activity seriously!

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This requires special skills!
Wendy Djang's Favor enjoys letting Mom do the work while he sits quietly in the kayak just enjoying the view!

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Resting is always important in summer!
Annie Bell's Duncan has appropriated the perfect spot for relaxation!

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Memories of 2, and one still very much here!
What's better for summer than a day at the beach, Dan Lynn and Rosemary Mitchell's Vasca, Ella, and Eldor!

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Some summer fun!
Jennifer Nolan's Poppi may not have the right sort of license, but she's sure ready to head out on the highway!

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I'd be smiling too!
Lecia Conroy's Fable is happy to define her Daddy's Lap as the perfect mountain!

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Age allows corners to be cut!
Jim Dilda's Sadie at the advanced age of eleven and a half has a different idea of what a mountain is!

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A lovely memory!
Lisa Baldwin's Giggs was caught proudly posing as a Mountain Dog!

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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & River welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Our photo is cuter than any of the others!

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