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Santa is showing his idea of the size of the bone that Bob and Helen Wright's Eloise is asking to receive!

Eloise's B-G Dog ID
Eloise's B-G Pedigree


Antonio and Mary Angela Indrizzi's Gruetzi is all decked out and ready for lots of presents under the tree!

Gruetzi's B-G Dog ID
Gruetzi's B-G Pedigree


Jennifer Nolan's Rocky is posing perfectly next to this beautiful display of trees and an angel, I bet the decorating is just getting started!

Rocky's B-G Dog ID
Rocky's B-G Pedigree


Karen Alexander's Lola is sporting some pretty Christmas bows while enjoying her horn, so the bows may remain for a while longer!

Lola's B-G Dog ID
Lola's B-G Pedigree


We know Barb LeTourneau was involved with this photo of Rhonda Squires' Gray Boy, but it's a fun way to begin the Holiday season!

Gray Boy's B-G Dog ID
Gray Boy's B-G Pedigree


Barb LeTournea's Zeja is not going to forgive her mom if she ever sees this photo, but it's just too much fun not to share!

Zeja's B-G Dog ID
Zeja's B-G Pedigree


Barb LeTournea has done it again, celebrating Thanksgiving with the finest of all turkeys - Zeja, Zoomi, Zanna, and Zsa Zsa!

Zeja's B-G Dog ID
Zoomi's B-G Dog ID
Zanna's B-G Dog ID
Zsa Zsa's B-G Dog ID


Dorene and John McCune always get the girls together for wonderful photos, and this Thanksgiving season is no different! Ember, Rose, Brie, Bailey, and Journey all looking magnificent!

Rose's B-G Dog ID
Brie's B-G Dog ID
Bailey's B-G Dog ID
Journey's B-G Dog ID


Pam Swearingen's Winston kept a close watch on baby brother Wesley, but I bet they became best of friends quickly enough!

Mozart's B-G Dog ID
Mozart's B-G Pedigree
Mozart's B-G Dog ID
Mozart's B-G Pedigree


Lori Delk's Lolita sure enjoyed sharing the snow with her daughter Athena, and I'll bet it was tough to get them back inside!

Lolita's B-G Dog ID
Lolita's B-G Pedigree
Athena's B-G Dog ID
Athena's B-G Pedigree


Rhonda Squires' little turkey Blue Boy better watch out this week, I'll bet he's going to be even plumper! A fun photo from Barb LeTourneau!

Blue Boy's B-G Dog ID
Blue Boy's B-G Pedigree


Dorene and John McCune's Rose was practicing maximum puppy cuteness when this photo was captured, I'd say she didn't need any additional practice!

Rose's B-G Dog ID
Rose's B-G Pedigree


Deb Weekes' Summit is definitely bigger now, but I'll bet she's every bit as cute as she was as this little fluff ball!

Summit's B-G Dog ID
Summit's B-G Pedigree


Patt Wiegand's rescue boy Denny may only be 75% Berner, but even as a puppy he knew how to look cute for belly rubs!


Jim Dilda's Sadie may have been captured in this photo enjoying her very first snow, but she doesn't look too happy about it, maybe it just wasn't enough snow?!

Sadie's B-G Dog ID
Sadie's B-G Pedigree


Jeanne Robbins' Boomah was a master of the pensive look as a puppy, I'll bet it was a disguise for a devious mind!

Boomah's B-G Dog ID
Boomah's B-G Pedigree


Amy and Greg Pannell's Granite, Sept 16, 2009 - Nov 2, 2021. It's never long enough, and all the snuggles will be deeply missed.

Granite's B-G Dog ID
Granite's B-G Pedigree


Connie Durney's and Deb Goldstein's Skylar hopefully kept that big wonderful grin that she had as a puppy!

Skylar's B-G Dog ID
Skylar's B-G Pedigree


Sheri and Dan Namovicz's Mila looking terribly serious about guarding her toys from any and all takers!

Mila's B-G Dog ID
Mila's B-G Pedigree


Sally Hearn's Gracie looks as though she's posing for a photo, I'll bet she already has the best match possible though!

Gracie's B-G Dog ID
Gracie's B-G Pedigree


Sandy Kimble's Mozart is trying to conduct something here, perhaps trying to direct the treat to move closer!

Mozart's B-G Dog ID
Mozart's B-G Pedigree


Milo Wielondek's Boef is obviously a wee bit bigger now that he's a mere six months older!

Boef's B-G Dog ID
Boef's B-G Pedigree


Milo Wielondek's Boef is just as sweet and well behaved as a puppy can possibly be - in this photo at least!

Boef's B-G Dog ID
Boef's B-G Pedigree


Julie Rachie's Jasmine is no longer able to be picked up and held like this, but I bet she still loves the hugs!

Jasmine's B-G Dog ID
Jasmine's B-G Pedigree


Jill Weir's Bryn was either happy with the cheap toys, or doing her doggone successful best to look sweet and innocent!

Bryn's B-G Dog ID
Bryn's B-G Pedigree


Alexis Smith's Winslow looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, such seeming innocence, but I'm sure that was just a disguise!

Winslow's B-G Dog ID
Winslow's B-G Pedigree


Joye Neff's Nate may have once been small enough to hide behind a hosta leaf, but he sure isn't able to anymore!

Nate's B-G Dog ID
Nate's B-G Pedigree


Maria and Jack Crifasi's not so much a baby Fauci seems to have enjoyed his costume of baby Yoda!

Fauci's B-G Dog ID
Fauci's B-G Pedigree


Kristin Greenwood's Bumble was so very serious looking here, but a handsome puppy always makes for a great photo!

Bumble's B-G Dog ID
Bumble's B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Nellie was looking for fun and feeling groovy!

Nellie's B-G Dog ID
Nellie's B-G Pedigree

Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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Hudson's B-G Pedigree
Zurich's B-G Dog ID
Zurich's B-G Pedigree