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Sandy Kimble's Kenzie and Mozart have found the perfect spot to pose, but what has caught their attention, and how long did they actually pose!

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Lori Delk's mother daughter pair, Lolita and Athena, look as sweet as can be posing for this photo!

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Tricia Sullivan's Poet is at the Rainbow Bridge, free of pain, where he will undoubtedly be having himself some fun. Until you meet again, Nov 4, 2012 - Sept 25, 2021.

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Elizabeth Malcolmson's Boreas knows that the best pillow is Khione's flank, or shoulder, or abdomen, or...!

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Diane Vanpelt's Boomer seems to have enjoyed his baby brother Guinness from the very beginning of this year - most of the time, anyway!

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Candy Johnson's River showing off his beautiful smile! May 27, 2017 - Jan 8, 2021.

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Debi Parker's beautiful girl Azaria, shown here visiting with veterans before an Honor Flight. July 12, 2013 - Aug 2, 2021.

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Shannon Watters said goodbye to her boy Moegey, who she describes as goofy, sweet, loving and completely unaware of his size - in other words, one of the many one in a million Berners.

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Nancy Beasley's Catcher playing a bit of bite face with his littermate, Brandi Szczesny's Toby! I bet they're a wee bit bigger now...!

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Deb Saks' Rhyme and Mel are knocked out after a morning of romping, but I'll bet Deb is EXHAUSTED!

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Mary-Ann Bowman's Sparkle is obviously having some fun teaching Pozy about holding a toy and giving The Look!

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Beth Murphy's Wellesley and Gwinn pose together on their very own, um, mountain? Such a wonderful pair of smiles!

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Suzy Weibel assures me they were just playing, but it sure looks like ZuZu is sweetly explaining to Sherman just who is the boss!

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Jill Raymond's Nellie is getting as far from Papp as fast as she can, I can think of a few things that would get me to run like that...!

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Amy and Greg Pannell's Granite just celebrated his twelfth birthday - 19 months out from diagnosis and treatment for lymphoma! BIG PARTY TIME!!!!

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Larry Miller's Sassy is obviously not surprised that Trekker can't behave properly for a photo!

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Karen Harrison's Tonka and Diesel are both doing their best to look just as handsome as handsome can be - sweet memories!

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Lecia Conroy's Quincey and George both looking just as handsome as handsome can be!

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Karlo Laforteza's Eiger celebrated his twelfth birthday today, and I'm hoping it included a nice juicy steak at the very least!

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Pam Swearingen's Winston and Wesley as they look now - or is it Wesley and Winston, no wait...!

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Barbie Beck-Wilczek and her boy Mac drove to Liberty State Park across the Hudson from the World Trade Center location. He gave comfort to numerous people working to find loved ones, get death certificates, answer difficult questions, work with the children in a day care center where they stayed while parents were otherwise engaged, and provide help for the volunteers of NOVA (National Organization of Victims Assistance). It had to be draining for both Mac and Barbie, but the comfort he gave was incalculable, I'm sure. If you want to see what a difference a therapy dog can make, look at the next photo on this website.

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This is a photo of some of the first responders to 9/11 at the World Trade Center. On the right you can see the more typical faces of men who have worked beyond endurance to try to find anyone still alive. It's the thousand yard stare of someone trying to do an increasingly hopeless task. On the left, an actual smile - that's the difference made by the simple act of interacting with a dog. It seemed to help the Search and Rescue dogs at the site as well, they were as discouraged as the humans after long days of finding no survivors.


Lisa Kaufman's Sable is obviously hard at work turning this regular garden hose into a special soaker hose - not an easy job to do well!

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Jim Dilda's Sadie takes being a working dog very seriously, so when she digs, she brings out the heavy equipment!

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Lecia Conroy's Quincy is giving rescue girl Betty a wonderfully precious hug!

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Jennifer Nolan's Rocky is an expert at the sad eyes I'm so terribly starved look, he's definitely mastered it!

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Pam Swearingen's Winston probably liked having Wesley smaller than he was, but by now they're probably having fun playing together!

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Janie Grinstead's Molly Holly all snuggled in with Harrison - who seems to really like her!

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Debi Parker's Azaria doesn't think anyone can see her picking blackberries for her own enjoyment, she doesn't share well when it comes to her favorite fruit!

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Barb McColgan's Maddie celebrated her THIRTEENTH Birthday today, a steak and champagne day I'm hoping!

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Sis O'Hearn's Mae has found a nice shade spot to hide, and because her colors are perfect camouflage I bet you can't even see her!

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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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