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Suzy Weibel's Selah is making good use of a snow fort to relax from winter exertions, although the photographer found her easily enough!

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Kathy Carey's KC and Krista engaged in some rollicking good fun in the fresh snow!
Nov 13, 2014 - Jan 18, 2023

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Krista's B-G Dog ID
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Is Peggy Rickenbach's Riggins wondering why Mom doesn't come out and lie in the snow with him and just enjoy the cool air?!

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Wendy Djang's Bishop is quite happy to remain precisely where he is, just waiting for enough snow to have some serious playtime!

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John and Dorene McCune's Journey found out early that silly hats and photography were part of the fun on the farm!

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Ruth Nielsen's Blitz and Hazy share a sweet moment in between having a romping good time in the deep snow!

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John and Dorene McCune's Brie is obviously related to this brother from a different mother, the eye color is the proof!

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Lisa Fairleigh's Molly is probably checking around the corner to see if there is MORE SNOW!!

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Michelle Lake's boy Thunder had a blast playing chase in the snow with two of his friends! I love the shadows cast by the sun in this photo!

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Photos from companions past are always precious, and this picture of Dorene McCune and her girl Bailey is definitely one to frame!

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Lois Mayer's Walter never went anywhere without his toys, and what could be better than a snow covered field.
Nov 13, 2014 - Jan 18, 2023

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Jennifer Zaayer's Rohloff shows absolutely no inclination to make tracks toward home, that snow is going to stay pristine!

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Jen Helzberg's Otto was caught perfectly in this moment of what, romping, barking, leaping, trying to catch a snowflake?!

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Lisa Freed's Tessie obviously loves the snow, and she must love the feel of the wind in her ears!

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Ruth Nielsen's Fitzroy must have burrowed his way through the deep snow, and popped up to see who might be nearby to be chased!

Fitzroy's B-G Dog ID
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Dan Lynn and Rosemary Mitchell's Vasca looks quite content staying right where he is for just as long as he wants!

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Jill Raymond's Nellie Belle loves the snow, and was happy to come inside with as much of it as possible!

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Karen Alexander's Lola was quite rightly fascinated by a coating of ice that covered sand and grass, she was perplexed!

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Dan Lynn and Rose Mitchell's Ella providing a very pointed commentary about the request for her to go inside!

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Jennifer Zaayer's Karsten is obviously enjoying a grand romp through some fresh snow - which won't be fresh for long!

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Gail Miller's Loggins was definitely enjoying the snow, just look at that grin!

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Jennifer Zaayer's Karsten either wants to be carried or left alone, it's impossible to tell at this distance, but I suspect neither is an option!

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Peggy Rickenbach's Riggins isn't even pretending to be deaf, he's looking right at her to let her know that he's ignoring her request to come inside!

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Suzy Weibel's Sherman is quite content right where he is, and I suspect it took some VERY high quality treats to get him inside!

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Lisa Freed's Tessie knows just how to enjoy the snow, this is either keep-away or take-away, or just run like a loon, all are good games in the snow!

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Donna Davids' Ouray may not be a puppy, but he's still trying to show that big dogs are able to fly also!

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Suzy Weibel's Selah learned young just how much fun a Berner can have running in the snow!

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Carol Arbuthnot's Gurtie shows off her ability to fly, I'm guessing the ears helped with her aerodynamics!

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Vicky Hall's Jorma and Rapunzal have obviously left their tracks all over the yard, they burned off enough energy to sit momentarily for a photo!

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Rapunzal's B-G Dog ID
Rapunzal's B-G Pedigree


Elizabeth Fletcher's Finder and Keeper had to be satisfied with a few inches, but there was enough that going inside wasn't going to happen anytime soon!

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Keeper's B-G Dog ID
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Emily Haynie's Beau was captured in this wonderful portrait, undoubtedly wishing for more snow!

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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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