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Jennifer Zaayer's Rohloff used his Look to express extreme annoyance at not getting his morning walk on time - and they say dogs can't tell time!

Rohloff's B-G Dog ID
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Pam Swearingen's Gus gave such meltingly beautiful looks, but he enjoyed making sure all of his mighty paws were in the photo as well!

Gus' B-G Dog ID
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Mother and daughter still need to practice their synchronization, Maddie Culos' Elise has it right, but Elizabeth Fletcher's Finder wasn't feeling it!

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Finder's B-G Dog ID
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Here we have a master of The Look, as exhibited by Celeste O'Malley's Shanti Bear!

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Brooks Bernard's Tyson has a face made for falling in love, who could resist it!

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Jim Dilda's Sadie proves that you're never too old to use The Look effectively!

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Nancy and Tom Giusti's Bella is practicing The Look and doing an excellent job of it!

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Dorene and John McCune's Orion is just starting to get the hang of important photo sessions, but he demanded a long nap as his price!

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Dorene and John Mccune's Rose, Orion, Brie, and Journey are ready to celebrate Mardi Gras, I bet they are hoping for a very Fat Tuesday!

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Orion's B-G Dog ID
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Adam Conn's Bison looks as though he loved the combination of carting and snow, I bet he was wishing for snow tires here!

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Dorene and John McCune's Journey seems terribly discouraged that the snowman is but a memory!

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At 10 years and 7 months, Debbie Fraktman's Humphrey can still hear the Call of the Treats!

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Cheryl and Rick Marin's Bentley did a face plant in the snow, the best way to have an immersive experience!

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It looks as though Cupid's arrow found its target with Elizabeth Fletcher's Finder and Keeper!

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Keeper's B-G Dog ID
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Barb LeTourneau's Zoomi looks so beautifully patient even with her headband down on her nose!

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Barb LeTourneaus's Zoomi, Zanna, Zeffie, Zsa Zsa, and Zeja want everyone to ENJOY their Valentine's Day, seriously!

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Zanna's B-G Dog ID
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Jennifer Zaayer's Karsten knew how to get the most joy out of the deep snow, a romp and a good shake to recreate a blizzard!

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Pam Swearingen's Hannibal obviously loved a good romp through the snow, he had fine form!

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Jen Helzberg's Juno would appear to be guarding some of the last of the snow in her domain!

Juno's B-G Dog ID
Juno's B-G Pedigree


Lisa Fairleigh's Molly shows how snow can be applied to the face for a Berner beauty treatment!

Molly's B-G Dog ID
Molly's B-G Pedigree


Jennifer Helzberg's Otto takes a dreary day and gives it endless possibilities in every direction!

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Suzy Weibel's Selah looks stunning against the winter backdrop, and I don't think it's just the colors of her collar!

Selah's B-G Dog ID
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Jennifer Zaayer's Rohloff is thrilled with the snow, but then - he doesn't have to shovel!

Rohloff's B-G Dog ID
Rohloff's B-G Pedigree


I think Ruth Nielsen let her dogs choose where they wanted to live, Fitzroy sure seems content to survey his domain!

Fitzroy's B-G Dog ID
Fitzroy's B-G Pedigree


Gail Miller's Loggins looks absolutely stunning with the snow and the shadows as a perfect Berner backdrop!

Loggins' B-G Dog ID
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Dan Lynn and Rosemary Mitchell's Vasca loves the snow, even when it's barely there - just look at that huge smile!

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Tracie Franks' Olivia and Kit Kat are shown here taking a brief time out to let Mom know that they are just fine where they are!

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Bobbie Moller's Kori is determined to wait until there is enough snow to play in, it will happen any minute, she's sure!

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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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Zurich's B-G Dog ID
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