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Jennifer Nolan's Rocky is just such a handsome boy, and that smile is just so patient as he waits for someone to give him some hugs!

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Lecia Conroy's Audrey and her granddaughter Sonnet look serenely sweet as they enjoy some spring sunshine, perhaps treats are on hand?!

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Sonnet's B-G Dog ID
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Elizabeth Fletcher's Keeper doesn't mind spending time with Suzy Weibel's Selah now that her puppy shark phase is long gone!

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Dorene and John McCune have this wonderful memory of their girl Lexie, dressed to honor our country. It's a wonderful memory!

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Julie Rachie's Jasmine had her favorite cool spot in the shade, always a reason to be happy for a Berner!

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Sis O'Hearn's Goose is sporting a huge smile, because his BFF Birdie had come to visit! It's obviously a great friend and he hopes for a very good time!

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Laurie Farley submitted this proof to show that Pen smiles all the time, and why shouldn't he?!

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Carolyn Smith's Speri has a long list of titles, but he's most pleased with the ability to leap onto his preferred furniture!

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Tina Tenbus' Harlow and Tami Cobb's Wiley have big smiles as they pose in the poppies, California's super bloom was spectacular this year!

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Wiley's B-G Dog ID
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Mari Higgins' Daphne is not to be outdone with the spring colors, she's certainly picked a perfect spot!

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Kathy Carey's KC wanted his photo taken in a fantastic field of poppies, Southern California sure knows how to share some color!

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Jill Raymond's Papp is thrilled to go for long walks in the fresh spring growth, before it starts getting hot!

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Suzy Weibel's Selah may not be smiling if she finds out what's likely to happen to bad little puppies, but it's an empty threat I'm sure!

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Robin Korotki's Hero has a wonderful smile, and knows how to use it for maximum impact!

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KC Harrison's Boone may let Bella have the chair, but he's perfectly comfortable with plenty of room to stretch out!

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Jon and Pam Weir's Waylon is smiling, probably in relief that the evil bath is finished and he can find new ways to get dirty again!

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Janie Grinstead's Mollly Holly was celebrating her 8th birthday, and I bet all sorts of special treats were involved!

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Elizabeth Fletcher's mini-cooper is big enough to hold a grinning Keeper and Finder - I bet they're hoping for a puppuccino!

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Jim Dilda's dogsitter got this beautiful photo of Sadie, who must have been counting the hours until Dad returned!

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Lori Delk's Lolita looks ever so sweet and thoughtful in this happy portrait photo!

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Nancy Beasley's Catcher is sporting a grin from ear to ear, and with the wind in his fur it's no wonder!

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Michelle Lake's Thunder knew to have some iris in the background to show off his beaming smile!

Thunder's B-G Dog ID
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Karen Alexander's Lola is all groomed for summer, and she turned 10 in February! She looks fantastic, and oh so sweet!

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Lou Barnard's Silas got his ears trimmed, and was either thrilled with the results, or thrilled that the torture was finished!

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Lisa Baldwin's foster fail Salsa is obviously thrilled to have a new home and that smile is probably a permanent edition to her repertoire!

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Lori Delk's Athena is training for her CDX and really loves the dumbbell, which only helps to emphasize her smile!

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Annie Bell's Duncan looks right at home on his throne, but where are the orb and scepter? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Dan Lynn's and Rosemary Mitchel's Yannis must just be taking a short break from helping Dad with all the yard work!

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Cole Shanholtz's Maple loves to be able to watch everything going on at a show, periscope style!

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Jill Raymond's Nellie Belle shows off her special skill with a spit bubble maintained on the tip of her tongue!

Nellie's B-G Dog ID
Nellie's B-G Pedigree


Sis O'Hearn's Mae has a favorite method for keeping cool before a draft test, but I'm sure a bath was going to be in her future!

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Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & River welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Our photo is cuter than any of the others!

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