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Kathy Sibley's Ella was certain that this snow boot would make an excellent toy!

Ella's B-G Dog ID
Ella's B-G Pedigree


Connie Durney and Deb Goldstein's Skylar may have had plenty of toys, but this looks like a favorite!

Skylar's B-G Dog ID
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Amy Wylan's Kassie loved to chew on her toy, and big sister Georgia appreciated that it wasn't her tail!

Kassie's B-G Dog ID
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Adrienne and Fred Hammond's Murphy appreciated his toy right from day one!

Murphy's B-G Dog ID


Alexis Smith's Winslow certainly had his favorite toys when he was just a puppy!

Winslow's B-G Dog ID
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Sis O'Hearn's Mae and Lisa Elis' Fritz had a swimming lesson, and it would seem it was very successful, they appear to be enjoying the summer fun!

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Fritz's B-G Dog ID
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Lisa Elis' Fritz had a swimming lesson, which was a great way to beat the heat. But seeing him peek out from under the towel would have had me laughing too hard to take a photo!

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Cole Shanholtz's River hiked in the Grayson Highlands where they get to carefully walk among the ponies!

River's B-G Dog ID
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Liz Bradbury's sometime Indy loves his new friend Charlie who belongs to his dad's girlfriend!

Indy's B-G Dog ID
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Elizabeth Fletcher's Finder and Keeper take a walk on the wild side, or at least they wish they could have some venison for dinner!

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Keeper's B-G Dog ID
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Jill Raymond's Papp and granddaughter Isla along with Wendy Djang's Ruby are the very essence of joy and friendship!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Mark Bohrer and Patricia Goodman's Taylor loves his friends at the park, but that ball is HIS!

Taylor's B-G Dog ID
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Mike Dorf's two granddogs are enjoying a bit of quiet time, Diesel is a BMD/St Bernard mix, and Claire is an adorable Pyr puppy planning trouble, if I don't miss my guess!


Miss Etta enjoyed some time with Jacki Baron's granddogs Chance and Rupert, and somehow Jacki got them all to sit still for a nanosecond!

Miss Etta's B-G Dog ID
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Betsy San Miguel's Tesla wasn't too sure about the new household member, but I'll bet Amelia and Tesla are best friends by now!

Amelia's B-G Dog ID
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Jill Raymond's Papp and Nellie Belle have a Golden in the house to keep them retrieved when need be!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
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Nellie Belle's B-G Dog ID
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Jon and Pam Weir's Waylon adores car rides and big sister Ruby above all else, and both together are the jackpot!

Waylon's B-G Dog ID
Waylon's B-G Pedigree


Liz Bradbury's Rupert is adored by his best friend Indy, and vice versa!

Indy's B-G Dog ID
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Mark Bohrer and Patricia Goodman's Taylor is having fun with his new little sister Jessie, any bets as to who will be boss?!

Taylor's B-G Dog ID
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Deb Saks' Rico was a very lucky rescue boy who lived out his days well loved. May 18, 2008 - Aug 4, 2020

Rico's B-G Dog ID


Dorene and John McCune's Journey celebrated her 2nd birthday in style, I just wonder if she shared her cake...!

Journey's B-G Dog ID
Journey's B-G Pedigree


Mary Lynn LeBlanc and Rose Hook-Hogan's Moxie enjoyed lots of extra hugs for her 8th birthday!

Moxie's B-G Dog ID
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Beth Dennehy's Wellington thinks turning 12 should mean a meatloaf cake on every day, and why not!

Wellington's B-G Dog ID
Wellington's B-G Pedigree


Beth Dennehy's Cecil got a wonderful meatloaf birthday cake for his 6th birthday!

Cecil's B-G Dog ID
Cecil's B-G Pedigree


Jacki Barron's Miss Etta doesn't like to sully her Warhol-style bag with dog slobber!

Miss Etta's B-G Dog ID
Miss Etta's B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Papp thinks he's going to get one of these, but I suspect he'd be wrong!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Ron Cooper had artist Ryan Fowler paint the names of himself and his Ramsey and Raven into this picture that he found on Etsy!

Ramsey's B-G Dog ID
Ramsey's B-G Pedigree
Raven's B-G Dog ID
Raven's B-G Pedigree


Dorene McCune's Brie was the lovely model for this embroidery, and she just loves to show herself off to good advantage!

Brie's B-G Dog ID
Brie's B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Papp likes to show off the Berner bag that his mom snatched back right after she grabbed the photo!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Connie Durney and Deb Goldstein's Morgan loves going shopping, and he knows all about safety!

Morgan's B-G Dog ID
Morgan's B-G Pedigree

Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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Zurich's B-G Dog ID
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