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Jennifer Zaayer took a wonderful photo of her boy Karsten as he was listening to a distant train - what a pose!

Karsten's B-G Dog ID
Karsten's B-G Pedigree


Mike and Monique Dorf's Rocky was a well loved and loving boy, and he did love the snow!

Rocky's B-G Dog ID


Pat Sullivan's Paige celebrates her eleventh birthday on the 30th of March, and she looks just as happy and content as can be!

Paige's B-G Dog ID
Paige's B-G Pedigree


Alexis Smith's Winslow was captured in this beautiful photo by Laurie Farley!

Winslow's B-G Dog ID
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Lori Kennedy's Slick is doing his best to dig out from quarantine, or he's just having fun, one or the other!

Slick's B-G Dog ID
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Jill Raymond's Papp obviously enjoys a grand romp, and his grin gives proof to that!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Connie Durney's Skylar is working those eyes, I bet she gets plenty of treats with that look!

Skylar's B-G Dog ID
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Amy Wylan's Kassie sat patiently for a walk, well, at least for a photo, but after that the wagon was empty!

Kassie's B-G Dog ID
Kassie's B-G Pedigree


Sis O'Hearn's Mae isn't really wearing green, but she's using it beautifully to play coy!

Mae's B-G Dog ID
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JoAnn Biercuk's Darcy just turned 10 years old, and 14 year 1 month old Syrah is happy to help celebrate!!

Syrah's B-G Dog ID
Syrah's B-G Pedigree
Darcy's B-G Dog ID
Darcy's B-G Pedigree


Dorene McCune's Ember, Journey, Bailey, Brie, and Lexie are celebrating St Patrick's as well as the beginnings of spring!

Journey's B-G Dog ID
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Bailey's B-G Dog ID
Bailey's B-G Pedigree
Brie's B-G Dog ID
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Lexie's B-G Dog ID
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Barb LeTourneau's Zoomi, Zsa Zsa and Zanna look like three of the best four leaf clovers anyone ever found!

Zoomi's B-G Dog ID
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Zsa Zsa's B-G Dog ID
Zsa Zsa's B-G Pedigree
Zanna's B-G Dog ID
Zanna's B-G Pedigree


Barb LeTourneau's Zoomi and Zsa Zsa know to pose perfectly, but Zanna may be asking if Mom's a wee bit crazy!

Zoomi's B-G Dog ID
Zoomi's B-G Pedigree
Zsa Zsa's B-G Dog ID
Zsa Zsa's B-G Pedigree
Zanna's B-G Dog ID
Zanna's B-G Pedigree


Patricia Sullivan's Poet is all dressed and ready to celebrate, I bet he sings a mean Danny Boy!

Poet's B-G Dog ID
Poet's B-G Pedigree


Sandy Kimble's Brazen likes to be kissed no matter what day of the year it is!

Brazen's B-G Dog ID
Brazen's B-G Pedigree


Barb Brown's Guinness either has a personalized hat or he's ready for St Patrick's day - or both!

Guinness' B-G Dog ID
Guinness' B-G Pedigree


Rebecca Kirch's Eigen has a new neighbor who may be more interested in playing than Eigen! But I'll bet he warmed to the playmate!

Eigen's B-G Dog ID
Eigen's B-G Pedigree


Liz Bradbury's Indy just enjoying watching the day go by, too bad there are no flowers to smell!

Indy's B-G Dog ID
Indy's B-G Pedigree


Elizabeth Malcolmson's Khione gathered her litter of babies when she was experiencing a false pregnancy!

Khione's B-G Dog ID
Khione's B-G Pedigree


Roberta Massiah's Ernie likes to smush his face behind the passenger seat, which gets quite a few looks from other drivers!

Ernie's B-G Dog ID
Ernie's B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Papp got enough snow to have a serious Berner romp, and a good game of attack some sort of toy!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Sandy Kimble's Kenzie has been a master of complete relaxation right from the very beginning!

Kenzie's B-G Dog ID
Kenzie's B-G Pedigree


Amy Wylan's Kassie is taking a quick break from her puppy play time - which is almost all the time!

Kassie's B-G Dog ID
Kassie's B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Papp sleeps in frog dog style, guaranteed to melt hearts!

Papp's B-G Dog ID
Papp's B-G Pedigree


Janie Grinstead's Molly Holly likes to rest on the sofa she's appropriated!

Molly Holly's B-G Dog ID


Bobbie Hefner's Carter is obviously working very hard to teach her puppy the proper Berner relaxation pose!

Carter's B-G Dog ID
Carter's B-G Pedigree


Lisa Baldwin's Giggs may look broken, but he's just in the classic Berner relaxation pose!

Giggs' B-G Dog ID
Giggs' B-G Pedigree


Rebecca Kirsch's Eigen knows how to relax in true Berner style, which also allows for the ever important belly rub!

Eigen's B-G Dog ID
Eigen's B-G Pedigree


Wendy Djang's Favor took some time to relax while he was in New York City to do a bit of sightseeing!

Favor's B-G Dog ID
Favor's B-G Pedigree


Sandrea Kornblum's Barnabas waits patiently under the recliner for any petting he can get!

Barnabas' B-G Dog ID


Dan Lynn and Rosemary Mitchell's Vasca paused while enjoying the snow!

Vasca's B-G Dog ID
Vasca's B-G Pedigree

Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

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Zurich's B-G Dog ID
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