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Kimberly Perry's Josie is feeling blessed this Thanksgiving, and I bet Kimberly does too!

Josie's B-G Dog ID
Josie's B-G Pedigree


Joan Corr's Willie just celebrated his fifteenth and a half birthday! A very huge WOO HOOO!

Willie's B-G Dog ID
Willie's B-G Pedigree


Dorene and John McCune's Journey, Ember, Lexie, Brie, and Bailey want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Journey's B-G Dog ID
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Lexie's B-G Dog ID
Lexie's B-G Pedigree
Brie's B-G Dog ID
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Bailey's B-G Dog ID
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Karen Alexander and Lola at the Barktoberfest, they didn't win a prize, but they should have!

Lola's B-G Dog ID
Lola's B-G Pedigree


Dorene McCune's Journey has found a fun new way to make nose prints special! And yes, her paws were once white...

Journey's B-G Dog ID
Journey's B-G Pedigree


Elizabeth Fletcher's Keeper won control of The Pillow over Finder due to the law of gross tonnage!

Keeper's B-G Dog ID
Keeper's B-G Pedigree
Finder's B-G Dog ID
Finder's B-G Pedigree


Debbie Walz's Greta paused long enough for this magnificent portrait!

Greta's B-G Dog ID
Greta's B-G Pedigree


Diane Vanpelt's Boomer looks so mature and pensive!

Boomer's B-G Dog ID
Boomer's B-G Pedigree


Dorene McCune's Journey and Brie were a big help with the end of the season mulching, I'm sure!

Journey's B-G Dog ID
Journey's B-G Pedigree
Brie's B-G Dog ID
Brie's B-G Pedigree


Cole Shanholtz's River knows how to pose for a wonderful fall photo opp!

River's B-G Dog ID
River's B-G Pedigree


Barb McGrath's Moose looks ever so handsome on a crisp fall day with the appropriate neckerchief!

Moose's B-G Dog ID
Moose's B-G Pedigree


Adeline Maxim with her Sophia, Louisa Anne, and Pietre-Pan!

Sophia's B-G Dog ID
Sophia's B-G Pedigree
Louisa-Anne's B-G Dog ID
Louisa-Anne's B-G Pedigree
Pietre-Pan's B-G Dog ID
Pietre-Pan's B-G Pedigree


Deb Saks' Ricola will be eleven and a half years old on the eighteenth! I'm thinking there should be a roast of some sort!

Ricola's B-G Dog ID


Joanne Biercuk's Syrah celebrates her 13th year 9 month birthday on the seventeenth! Every day is a celebration!

Syrah's B-G Dog ID
Syrah's B-G Pedigree


Roberta Massiah’s Ernie got a grand cake for his third birthday, but his patience wasn’t going to be endless!

Ernie's B-G Dog ID
Ernie's B-G Pedigree


Cookie Silvestri's Yazzie is looking ever so beautiful celebrating her sixth birthday!

Yazzie's B-G Dog ID
Yazzie's B-G Pedigree


Lilian Ostermiller's Bryn just turned nine, and she continues to bring Lilian much joy and many smiles!

Bryn's B-G Dog ID
Bryn's B-G Pedigree


Jean Coker's newly turned 11 year old boy Bogey is enjoying each day as it comes, it may have been a rocky road, but he's been in the best families!

Bogey's B-G Dog ID
Bogey's B-G Pedigree


Deb Mulvey's Kipp recently celebrated his thirteenth birthday! Wooo hooo and hugs all around!

Kipp's B-G Dog ID
Kipp's B-G Pedigree


Liz Bradbury's Indy is having a very fun romp in a private dog park! Fun time!

Indy's B-G Dog ID
Indy's B-G Pedigree


Rebecca Kirch's Eigen is ever so helpful in the garden, he aerated the soil which just happened to dislodge newly planted bulbs and hosta!

Eigen's B-G Dog ID
Eigen's B-G Pedigree


Adeline Maxim-MacClealand's Alsa and Rosie both just recently turned nine and a half, and are still going strong!

Alsa's B-G Dog ID
Rosie's B-G Dog ID
their B-G Pedigree


Jill Raymond's Nellie Belle just adores her cousin Troy, and they sure look like they're having a grand time!

Nellie Belle's B-G Dog ID
Nellie Belle's B-G Pedigree


Tracie Franks may get bone tired of waiting for Halloween, but Kit Kat and Olivia aren't sure what to make of the pumpkin holder!

Kit Kat's B-G Dog ID
Kit Kat's B-G Pedigree
Olivia's B-G Dog ID
Olivia's B-G Pedigree


Jim Dilda's Sadie is checking a wooly bear caterpillar to predict the winter. Based on this one, we aren't having winter this year!

Sadie's B-G Dog ID
Sadie's B-G Pedigree


Rebecca Kirch's Eigen is now a Nationals fan, and I wonder if he's stopped celebrating yet!

Eigen's B-G Dog ID
Eigen's B-G Pedigree


Amy Wylan's Bella, May 20, 2007 - Nov 1, 2019. Deeply loved, and just as greatly missed.

Bella's B-G Dog ID


Dorene McCune's crew is joined at the BRBMDC Howloween Party by Wendy Djang and her Pyr Ruby, and her boy Churchill, such well-behaved dogs!

Churchill's B-G Dog ID
Churchill's B-G Pedigree


Elizabeth Fletcher's Keeper and Finder pause for a quick photo opportunity complete with all the necessary Fall accoutrements!

Keeper's B-G Dog ID
Keeper's B-G Pedigree
Finder's B-G Dog ID
Finder's B-G Pedigree

Jail! Bob & Nancy Torstenson's Hudson & Zurich welcome you to the Berner-L Picture of the Day!

Too big to do THIS NOW!

Hudson's B-G Dog ID
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Zurich's B-G Dog ID
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